Opera "Lip Tint N" Limited Color "108g Beige / 109 Nude Orange"

From the cosmetics brand "Opera", the limited edition "108g Beige" and "109 Nude Orange" of "Lip Tint N" for early summer will be released on May 19th. The theme this time is "Nude skin tone lip".

Lip tint N

A tint formula that elicits a complexion in response to the moisture in the lips. Instead of "putting" the color on the lips, the natural complexion that the lips themselves are colored from the inside continues. Even with dry lips, it stretches smoothly and fits ultra-thinly. Since it does not become uneven, it is stress-free so that you can apply it without looking in the mirror. The price is 1,650 yen (tax included).

Opera "Lip Tint N" Limited Color "108g Beige / 109 Nude Orange"

When wearing a mask, it is darker than usual, and it is recommended to apply it to your lips two or three times. Rub your lips together and let them blend in well, then lightly off with a tissue and then put on the mask. The mask is hard to color and matches the current lifestyle.

108g beige

Add warmth to the nudy beige with pink pigment and yellow glitter. It is a nude color with a sense of fashion and a slight fever.

Opera "Lip Tint N" Limited Color "108g Beige"

109 Nude Orange

A "mucosal color" with a glimmer of pink glitter on a sensual orange. The casual sex appeal and the cuteness of the natural body are attractive.

Opera "Lip Tint N" Limited Color "109 Nude Orange"