Clarins "Frozen Summer Collection"

Clarins released the "Frozen Summer Collection" on May 14th. A lineup of cosmetics with pop colors and designs that invite you to the fascinating summer world.

◆ Fix Makeup Su21
Clarins' representative fix make-up is now available in a limited edition with a scent and packaging that is perfect for summer. If you spray lightly at the end of the make-up, the make-up will adhere perfectly in the shower of fine micro mist. Contains plenty of moisturizing and skin care ingredients that are derived from plants and are comfortable on the skin. A fresh one with pear and vanilla scent. 50mL 4,400 yen (tax included, same below).

Clarins "Fix Makeup Su21"

◆ Radiant Control Color 10 Mint [br /] A limited color base that covers skin problems while giving brightness and shine with a soft focus effect. While covering the redness, the organic sea lily gives plenty of moisture and the mint gives a refreshing feeling. Protects the skin from various external stimuli such as dust, dust and dryness in the air. 30g 4,400 yen.

Clarins "Radiant Control Color 10 Mint"

◆ Ombre 4 Golden Hour [br /] A 2in1 eyeshadow palette with eye base and eyeshadow. Bamboo powder formulation makes it hard to twist like using a base for the eyes, and is characterized by good color development and longevity. A bronze palette that is perfect for the sun season will give you shining eyes. 5,720 yen.

Clarins "Ombre 4 Golden Hour"

◆ Water Lip Stain # 08 Candy Water / # 09 Deep Red Water [br /] A cute limited edition lip color with a fresh and light watery texture that does not easily transfer color even with a mask. You can also enjoy layering with the popular lip oil. 7mL 3,300 yen.

Clarins "Water Lip Stain # 08 Candy Water / # 09 Deep Red Water"