Cezanne Cosmetics "Extra Fine Eyeliner EX 10 Black" and "Drawing Double Eyeliner" New Color "20 Shadow Greige"

Cezanne Cosmetics will release a new color "20 Shadow Greige" of "Extra-fine eyeliner EX 10 Black" and "Drawing double eyeliner" in mid-August.

Extra Fine Eyeliner EX 10 Black

Cezanne's most popular eyeliner renewal product. Using a film agent that is hard to remove, in addition to the conventional waterproof formulation that is resistant to water, sweat, tears, and sebum, we have adopted a "moisture proof formulation" that does not easily come off even with moisture. You can turn it off with hot water while pursuing the difficulty of falling. Contains 3 types of beauty moisturizing ingredients (peony root extract, pineapple fruit extract, hydrolyzed conchiolin).

Cezanne Cosmetics "Extra Fine Eyeliner EX 10 Black"

A clear black color that tightens the eyes even with narrow lines. With the 0.03mm ultra-fine brush tip, you can draw the fluttering of the outer corner of the eye as you like, and the result is an impressive eye area. The price is 638 yen (tax included).

Cezanne Cosmetics "Extra Fine Eyeliner EX 10 Black"

Double eyeliner to draw

A double line that emphasizes the double line, a tear bag line that creates a plump tear bag, and a multi-liner that can be used as a liquid eyebrow. Adopting a brush with a moderate length and elasticity, it is not too thin, so it has an excellent sense of stability. You can freely draw thick and thin lines. The price is 660 yen (tax included).

Cezanne Cosmetics "Drawing Double Eyeliner" New Color "20 Shadow Greige"

The new color "20 Shadow Greige" adds a little redness to Greige to make it more familiar to the skin. A discerning color that is familiar to the skin of blue-based people who were concerned about the yellowness of the existing color. Since the color is gentle, even beginners and fair-skinned people will not see the color and can naturally emphasize the eyes. It can be turned off with hot water while keeping the line prepared with a rubbing-resistant prescription.