Biore u The Body Gel Body Wash

"Biore u The Body Gel Body Wash" will be released on August 21st from the "Biore u The Body" series, which proposes a "massive-less" whole body washing habit by hand washing. The content is 480 ml for the main body and 340 ml / 750 ml for refilling. The price is open.

Biore u The Body Gel Body Wash

A gel-type full-body cleanser for the first time in "Biore u the Body". In addition to the feeling of use that you can feel the feeling of washing, we are particular about the "massage-less" washing method that does not wash too much by hand washing. There are two types, a clean scent of pure sabon and a gorgeous brilliant bouquet scent.

Mild cleaning design that can be used directly. The thick gel that uses a highly lubricated formula slides smoothly on the skin and dissolves firmly in the dirt, so it is possible to remove dirt even if there is no foam. It keeps the water retention of the skin and prepares the skin to be fresh and healthy. Mild acidity.

Biore u the body

Many modern people feel the dryness of their skin, but when they wash their bodies, they scrub and "rub" their skin with a cleaning tool. Focusing on such modern human skin and how to wash it, in August 2019, we released the "Biore u the Body" series, which is based on the idea of not washing too much. We have proposed a "massage-less" washing method by hand-washing with fresh cream foam, which has been well received by many people.