"Chifure Nail Enamel" New colors for fall / winter 2021

From the "Chifure" brand, three new colors for "Chifure Nail Enamel" have been released in the fall and winter of 2021. Review "103 Pink Pearl", "772 Brown" and "850 Green"!

"Chifure Nail Enamel" New colors for fall / winter 2021

The theme of the new colors for autumn / winter 2021 is "Spice Up". We have a lineup of 3 nail colors in a comfortable color range created by the harmony of spiciness and creaminess. The price is 352 yen each (tax included).

"Chifure Nail Enamel" New colors for fall / winter 2021

Nail enamel that dries quickly and has a long-lasting color and luster. Contains panthenol, a moisturizing ingredient. A flat brush type that does not easily become uneven and is easy to apply. Oxybenzone, toluene-free, fragrance-free.

103 pink pearl

Pink with pearl. It is a transparent color, and once applied, it is slightly colored. If you apply it again, the sparkle will become stronger instead of the color. It is also recommended to layer it on other nails to add a delicate shine.

"Chifure Nail Enamel" New Fall / Winter 2021 Color "103 Pink Pearl"
Single color coating (left), overcoating with 772 brown (right)

772 Brown series

Rather than brown, it is a color that is a mixture of gray and purple. Of the three colors that have appeared this time, the colors will be developed as you see them most quickly. Perfect when you want a calm and sophisticated fingertip.

"Chifure Nail Enamel" New color for autumn / winter 2021 "772 Brown"

850 green system

Yellowish green color. Applying once leaves a transparent feeling, and applying twice gives a smoky finish. It's fashionable to coordinate with khaki fashion, which is common in the fall and winter.

"Chifure Nail Enamel" New Fall / Winter 2021 Color "850 Green"

All three colors are perfect when you want to add a spicy accent to your fingertips. How about taking in seasonal colors easily with Petit Plane Nail?