Erasable lame ballpoint pen "Keserame" 2nd --Pastel-like ink 6 colors available

The second erasable lame ballpoint pen "Keserame" is now available from Pilot Corporation. A new lineup of glittering pastel-like glitter inks is available. It will be sold in limited quantities from October 1st.

The second erasable lame ballpoint pen "Keserame"

"Keserame" is a product sold in limited quantities in November 2020 by combining the "erasing technology" cultivated in the "friction" series that erases handwriting with frictional heat and the technology of special pigment inks such as metallic and pastel. .. It uses ink with high brightness and good coloring, and features handwriting that makes use of the glittering feeling of glitter. You can write not only on white paper but also on dark paper such as black.

The main target of this second installment is high school girls. Six pastel ink colors have been added to the lineup under the theme of "Twinkle Snow," which looks like glittering snow. Applying friction technology, the color of the ink becomes colorless due to the frictional heat generated by rubbing, and the glitter is erased by rubbing it from the paper surface. You can easily correct or rewrite the protruding parts of notebooks, letters, message cards, etc. that you do not want to make mistakes in writing, and you can decorate them neatly. The body is designed so that the ink color based on white can be seen through.

Erasable lame ballpoint pen "Keserame" 2nd --Pastel-like ink 6 colors available

The price (tax included, same below) is 253 yen. In addition to a single item, a 6-color set (1,518 yen) in a clear case suitable for gifts will be released at the same time.