Felissimo's second item in collaboration with "Ranma 1/2


second set of items collaborated with "Ranma 1/2" at Felissimo

The second set of items collaborated with "Ranma 1/2" has been on sale on the web at Felissimo since September 14. The lineup includes a total of 11 types of original collaboration goods available only here.

The lineup is full of humor and can be enjoyed as interior goods, sundries, and fashion items in your daily life while feeling the world of "Ranma 1/2" in real life. Whether you are going out or relaxing at home, you can enjoy "Ranma 1/2" to the fullest, surrounded by Ranma and his funny friends who still bring smiles to your faces.

Below is a sampling of some of the products available.

Naruto Pattern Pajamas [China Red

Felissimo "NARUTO Pajamas [China Red]".

This item is a reproduction of the Chinese-style pajamas with a naruto pattern that Ranma wears in the film. The slightly pale color of China red with purple Chinese buttons is a cute design. The 100% cotton quilted cut and sewn pajamas are soft to the touch, and are flexible enough to be used in the battle mode typical of Ranma's world. The pants have gathered elastic at the bottom to keep warmth in on cold days. Priced at 7,590 yen (tax included).

Fluffy Chinese Style Room Shoes

Felissimo "Fluffy China Style Room Shoes

These Chinese-style shoes depict a popular character who appears in the film as a transformed character. The fluffy boa material will keep your feet warm when they tend to get cold. There are three designs: "Panda," "P-chan," and "Cat Shampoo. The embroidery touch illustrations and oriental-inspired coloring are perfect for adult women. The price is 3,410 yen per pair per month.

You will receive one of each of the three types once a month. Once all types arrive, the delivery will be stopped thereafter.

Genma's desk-top memo stand plushie

Felissimo "Genma's Desk Top Memo Stand Plush Toy

Genma's sharp eyes and chubby body are adorable in this plush toy with memo stand function. The signboard part is a card holder that can hold a business-card-sized card, and you can insert your favorite message or a line from the manga written in the well-known round letters. A pellet is inserted into the buttocks to recreate a dignified sitting posture. In addition to enjoying the world of the work, the signboard will also serve as a communication tool among family members. The price is 3,630 yen.

Heroine Bangs Clip to make your make-up time more exciting

FELISSIMO "Makeup Time Fluttering Heroine Bangs Clip Association"

These bangs clips feature heroines dressed in Chinese clothes, depicted in lush watercolor paintings. It is convenient for quickly fastening bangs during the usual face-washing and makeup time. It can be used not only as a bangs clip, but also as a charm to attach to a pouch, etc., or as a paper clip. There are three designs: "Ranma & Panda," "Akane & P-chan," and "Shampoo & Cat Shampoo. The price is 1,300 yen per set per month.

You will receive one of each of the three types once a month. When all types arrive, the delivery will be stopped thereafter.

Fighting underfoot embroidery socks

Felissimo "Fighting Embroidery Socks for Your Feet

The front half of each sock is embroidered with a pattern associated with each character, creating a "half design" that can be enjoyed. One leg is embroidered before the transformation, and the other after, so it looks as if they are fighting each other every time you walk. There are three designs: "Ranma," "Ryoga," and "Shampoo. Just by wearing these socks, you can enjoy the feeling of being a jade horse, and they are filled with love for the characters. The price is 1,540 yen per pair per month.

You will receive one of each of the three types of socks once a month. Once all three types arrive, the delivery will be stopped thereafter.

Letter of fulfillment from Ukyo Okonomiyaki Pouch

Felissimo "Okonomiyaki Pouch" (letter of fulfillment from Ukyo)

This unique pouch is a perfect reproduction of the "letter of fulfillment" that Ukyo and Ukchan, an okonomiyaki restaurant owner, cooked for Ranma when they were competing for the position of Ranma's bride. The pouch is made to look like a real okonomiyaki, with the size and fluffiness of a real okonomiyaki. The letters written in mayonnaise are expressed in three-dimensional embroidery. The inner fabric is designed using the same "good" komon as Ukyo's kimono. On the reverse side, there is an illustration of Ukyo in kimono. Attached to the zipper pull is a cute charm in the shape of Ukyo's weapon, the iron. The price is 3,520 yen.