SHIRO "Holy Basil Oil in Water"

From the SHIRO skin care series, a limited number of "Holy Basil Oil in Water" will be released on October 28th. Reservation starts on October 14th at SHIRO online stores and SHIRO directly managed stores nationwide. The price is 120mL 9,350 yen, and the packageless ethical discount is 9,070 yen (tax included).

Holy Basil Oil in Water

We started a limited skin care series using seasonal ingredients with the desire to bring out the power of plants as much as possible and experience their powerful charm. The first of these, "Holy Basil," is a type of herb that is also useful in traditional Indian beauty and has been used for a long time in various situations. This time, Hinata Farm in Hiroshima Prefecture has raised Holy Basil for SHIRO.

Herb Holy Basil

"Holy Basil Oil in Water" is a face mist that combines oil and lotion. Based on distilled water of Holy Basil instead of water, red St. John's wort oil is also added. Gently moisturizes and keeps the skin, which tends to be rough at the turn of the season, healthy.

SHIRO "Holy Basil Oil in Water"

Since it contains not only extracts but also oils, it has a moist finish. You can enjoy the sweet and deep scent while taking a deep breath. It is recommended not only to use it as a lotion, but also when you want to refresh during the day or as a booster after taking a bath. It lasts about a month and a half with 5 pushes daily.