Orbis "Top Coat Sparkly Ribbon" "Nail Polish Deep Rose" "Nail Polish Holy Night"

From Orbis's "Nail Polish Series", a limited winter nail collection with the theme of "CHRISTMAS GIFT", an exciting Christmas gift for everyone, is on sale. Limited quantity. The price is 1,210 yen each (tax included).

Top coat sparkly ribbon

Several kinds of glitter are studded in the pink base, and the playfulness is wrapped around the fingertips that are dressed in crush. It is a color that makes your hands gorgeous with a single coat.

Orbis "Top Coat Sparkly Ribbon"

Nail Polish Deep Rose

An adult-like color that is as elegant as a chic rose. It is deeper than the standard color dry rose and is perfect for winter. Make your hands romantic.

Orbis "Nail Polish Deep Rose"

Nail Polish Holy Night

Sophisticated colors like the Christmas night sky. It goes well with any color and can be added to the arrangement to create a clean fingertip.

Orbis "Nail Polish Holy Night"

Moisturizes and protects your nails with 6 types of nail care ingredients selected for their gentleness to the nails. Protects against dryness and chipping. The base coat and top coat are "nail protect prescription" to protect and repair the nails.

Orbis "Nail Polish Series" Nail Care Ingredients

A moderately firm brush that is particular about length and amount of hair. Because the brush is short and the distance to the nail is short, it is easy to handle without being worn out, and it is characterized by being less likely to be uneven. By increasing the amount of hair, you can make a fine arrangement by spreading it out and standing it up.