Ulmina Plus "Fresh Glossy Skin White Milky Lotion

The skincare brand Urminaplus will release "Raw Glossy Skin Oshirai Emulsion" on February 21. It will be sold mainly at mass merchandisers and drugstores nationwide.

Urminaplus "Fresh Glossy Skin Oshiron Emulsion

A morning milky lotion that naturally covers pores, dullness, unevenness in color, and shine by blending aurora pearls and sebum-filtering powder. It has a high UV protection index (SPF50+/PA++++) and is highly resistant to sebum and rubbing, yet can be easily removed with soap. It has been tested to last for 8 hours without color transfer or smearing even when wearing a mask.

80% beauty essence (emulsion excluding powder and UV absorber). Micro-hyaluronic acid and micro-collagen melt into the skin and moisturize it. Argan oil and rosehip oil improve skin texture and keep skin fresh and shiny all day long. Contains astragalus root extract and astragalus membranaceus extract to treat skin irritation and dullness.

Ulmina Plus "Fresh Glossy Skin White Milky Lotion

Skin airy formula that is easy on the skin. It is so light that it feels like you are not even wearing it. Mineral oil free, tar dye free, paraben free, and non-comedogenic tested to prevent the formation of acne. This product has been tested to be non-comedogenic and non-acne causing.

Natural beige color that blends easily with skin tone. Fresh, clear floral scent (with natural fragrance).