Spring Limited Premium Lulurun Sakura (Sakura Scent) and Lulurun Cleansing Balm Sakura (Sakura Scent)

Lululun's seasonal series "Spring Limited Premium Lululun Sakura (Sakura Scent)" and "Lululun Cleansing Balm Sakura (Sakura Scent)" are now available. Available at the official online store, some variety stores, and souvenir shops.

Spring Limited Premium Lululeun Sakura (Sakura Scent)

A face mask that combats rough skin in spring caused by UV rays, humidity, pollen, and other irritants. This spring-only Lulurun face mask, which boasts of its moisturizing properties, once again contains cherry blossom extracts extracted from the petals of the Satozakura cherry tree. With a hint of cherry blossom scent, this mask leads to lustrous and moisturized skin.

Spring Limited Premium Lululun Cherry Blossom (Sakura Scent)

Contains butterbur dandelion as a skin conditioning ingredient to improve skin condition. Oil extracted from the seeds of rape blossoms softens and relaxes the skin, delivering moisture and giving it an overflowing luster from within. Contents: 5 bags of 7 sheets, priced at 1,760 yen (tax included).

Lulurun Cleansing Balm Sakura (Sakura Scent)

A seasonal version of the standard product that boasts of its moisturizing power, with a "cherry blossom scent". The emollient veil formula gently cleanses while protecting the skin's moisture.

Lulurun Cleansing Balm Sakura (Sakura Scent)

The treatment formula aims to reduce the appearance of pores. Contains bergamot fruit extract to give firmness, sage oil rich in vitamin C and palmitoleic acid, and royal epigen to lead to smooth skin. Contents: 75g (2.65oz), price: 2,420 yen.