Multi-purpose pot "ToMay dolce" in spring and summer lime green -- Boiling, frying, cooking and more!

The "ToMay dolce" pots and pans from Wahei Fraise are now available in limited spring and summer colors, available from early February 2022. Limited quantities available.

ToMay dolce spring/summer limited colors

The "ToMay dolce multi pot" is an all-purpose pot that can be used in seven ways (boiling, boiling, frying, simmering, frying, cooking, and dressing). It is also popular for its compact form and design that can be left on the table.

The inner surface of the main body is coated with Daikin's Silkware EK fluoropolymer resin, which resists sticking and is easy to clean. With its excellent balance of abrasion resistance (fluorine does not easily scrape off), non-stick properties (food does not easily stick), and corrosion resistance (coating does not easily peel off), this fluorine can be used for a wide range of dishes, including grilled and simmered dishes. Metal spatulas can also be used.

This season's limited edition color features a fresh lime green body that is perfect for spring and summer, and a white wood-like knob that gives a natural impression. It is said to support a pleasant new life. The standard colors are red, white, and warm gray.

ToMay dolce IH compatible multi-pot in limited spring and summer colors
Spring-Summer Limited Color Lime Green

ToMay dolce IH compatible multi pot
Standard colors: Red, white, warm gray

ToMay dolce IH compatible multi-pot in limited spring/summer colors Product Overview

Product name: IH compatible multi-pot M size
Size: M size, approx. width 245mm, depth 170mm, height 165mm
Color: Lime green
Selling price: 4,000 yen
Weight: M size: approx. 810g (28.57oz)

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