New, bulky tableware
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``Umbrella Tableware Storage Jozu P'' is a new version of the popular ``Umbrella Tableware'' that is even more convenient.

The tableware set ``Kasanaru Tableware Storage Jozu P'' that can neatly store the lid of the combination will be released in early March 2024 for 2,178 yen including tax.
button This is a set that includes the tableware necessary for baby food from the beginning to the final stage, and has been on sale since 2019, but this time it has been renewed as a more convenient set with the addition of a special lid and a multi-purpose cup. it was done.
When starting baby food around 5 months of age, the amount and number of items should be gradually increased as the baby grows. Furthermore, there is a process of changing the shape from pasty to solid and getting used to getting nutrition from foods other than breast milk or milk.
``Kasanaru tableware'' is a popular set product that is highly praised for its functionality, allowing you to stack and neatly store tableware of different sizes and shapes in response to changes in your diet.

Set contents (9 items in total)

・Small bee・Large bee
・Small plate
・Rice bowl
・A little cup/spoon
・Feeding spoon ・Microwave lid

Dedicated lid

new-set1 tableware lid

This time, special lids have been added that can be used for small drumsticks, rice bowls, and small cups. There is no need to wrap, and the tableware can be heated in the microwave, and can be used from microwave heating to refrigerated storage, reducing the hassle of preparing baby food and greatly increasing the number of food items. It can also be used for simple cooking such as heating up pre-prepared baby food or hot vegetables, and can be used for small drumsticks, rice bowls, and small cups.

multi-use cup

new-set2 multi cup

The newly added cup is the perfect size for pasty foods in the early stages of baby food, noodles, and soups. It can also be used as a first cup or a dessert cup, making it versatile and convenient for a long time.
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