Summary of items that make housework easier
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5 miscellaneous goods that will make housework easier for less than 3,000 yen

If you're having trouble doing housework, miscellaneous goods that cost less than 3,000 yen may save you a lot of time. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce five recommended miscellaneous goods that will make housework easier for less than 3,000 yen. If you want to make housework easier, read this article till the end.

* The products featured in this article refer to the manufacturer's official information as of December 2023 * Prices are based on the manufacturer's information and include tax.


"Plug-in wall sticker hook" that allows you to float shampoo and miscellaneous goods.

"Plug-in wall sticker hook" that allows you to float miscellaneous goods

The plug-in wall sticker hook is a hook with a textured surface that can be attached to the wall and miscellaneous goods using stickers to float the goods. If you float things in the bathroom or sink, they won't get slimy and are very hygienic. Since it can float small objects, it will be useful in a variety of situations. Recommended for people who rent and cannot make holes in their rooms, or who want to keep water areas clean.

Price: 110 yen Contents: 2 pieces

``Floating sponge holder'' that keeps the sink hygienic and spacious

Sponge holder that expands the water area

A floating sponge holder is a simple miscellaneous item that can be attached to the sink and made to float by simply hooking a sponge there. Some people may be worried that their sinks are unsanitary because they have to make room for their sponges, or they end up falling off. By using a floating sponge holder, you can float the sponge on the sink, keeping the space spacious and hygienic.

Price: 110 yen Contents: 1 piece

Significantly reduces discomfort after taking a bath! "Diatomaceous earth bath mat"

"Diatomaceous earth bath mat" quickly absorbs water

Diatomaceous earth bath mat is an item that dramatically reduces discomfort after taking a bath. Many people use mats, but many people don't like the towels they use after soaking up the water. Diatomaceous earth bath mats quickly absorb moisture the moment you step on them, and are also less likely to grow mold. Not only are they hygienic to use, they don't need to be washed every day like towels, which reduces the burden of housework.

Price: 110 yen Contents: 1 piece

"Magnetic wrap paper holder" that sticks to the wall

The magnetic wrap paper holder is a convenient item that allows you to store plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and kitchen paper all at once in the front of your refrigerator. The back of the holder is magnetic, so it can also be used on stovetops and washing machines. Wrap and kitchen paper are essential for anyone who cooks, but you also need to make sure you have enough space. Therefore, with a magnetic wrap paper holder, you can effectively utilize the space in your kitchen and eliminate waste.

Price: 1,290 yen Load capacity (approx.): per shelf: 500g (17.64oz) Paper section: 500g (17.64oz) Overall total: 1.5kg

"Archi aluminum hanger with rotating hook" reduces stress when loading laundry

"Archi aluminum hanger with rotating hook" greatly reduces stress during storage

The hook of this aluminum hanger rotates, so there is no stress when taking in laundry and storing it as it is. Furthermore, since it is made of aluminum, it is thin and durable, and it can be used on wet clothes and is non-slip, so you don't have to worry about your clothes falling off or stretching. The good thing about it is that it looks simple, so it doesn't have to choose anyone.

Price: 379 yen Contents: 2 pieces

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