Sabon "Aromatic Body Scrub

On March 17, SABON will release a premium "Aromatic Body Scrub" containing essential oils from the Mediterranean region. The product has a capacity of 320g (11.29oz) and is priced at 3,960 yen (tax included).

Aromatic Body Scrub

The iconic body scrub, a fusion of Dead Sea salt and four botanical oils in a golden ratio, was created in 1997, the year SABON was founded. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, a special body scrub that only SABON can produce is now available in limited quantities.

Sabon "Aromatic Body Scrub

The Aromatic Body Scrub is a salt-in-oil formula that blends mineral-rich Dead Sea salt and four carefully selected botanical oils, including almond and jojoba, in a golden ratio. This unique SABON "removes while it moisturizes" care will leave your skin clear, smooth, and refreshed.

Sabon "Aromatic Body Scrub

Two types of fragrance with a well-balanced blend of essential oils from the Mediterranean region. Bliss" is a blend of geranium and cistus, and "Serenity" is a blend of lavender and mandarin.

Sabon "Aromatic Body Scrub Bliss

Natural formula with no synthetic fragrances. A deep, high-quality fragrance fills the bathroom.

Sabon "Aromatic Body Scrub Serenity