Etude "Play Color Eyes Mini Special Kit

Etude will release the Play Color Eyes Mini Special Kit on April 1. Limited quantities.

Play Color Eyes Mini Special Kit

Mini eye palette and brush set. Three types will be available: "Best Love Special Kit," "Rose Bomb Special Kit," and "Choco Mint Special Kit. Each is priced at 2,750 yen (tax included).

Best Love Special Kit

A kit of popular color palettes and lovely brushes. With the best colors selected from the popular Look at series, you can create cute eyes that anyone would love to have.

Etude "Best Love Special Kit".

Three textures are available: smooth matte for a three-dimensional look, soft silk, and lame for transparency and sparkle. The ideal gradation can be easily achieved by spreading the matte with a brush and lightly sprinkling the lamé on the finish.

Rose Bomb Special Kit

This kit includes a rose color palette that accentuates femininity and tickles a girl's fancy, as well as an elegant brush. The combination of glamorous rose pink and muted browns will bring out your feminine charm.

Etude "Rose Bomb Special Kit

The matte finish for a mature look, the elegant shimmer to command attention, and the shimmering marble glitter for a glamorous look. Use a brush for blending to apply the lamé more beautifully.

Choco Mint Special Kit

A kit of eyeshadow palettes and cute brushes in shades as sweet and fresh as chocolate mint. From pink coral that impresses with its cuteness to browns as bittersweet as cocoa, there are six colors to choose from.

Etude "Choco Mint Special Kit

Vivid colors are spread on the eyelids to give a three-dimensional look to the eyes. Apply a base color to add depth, and gently blend the entire eyehall to create a beautiful gradation.