Post Office "Toy Story" goods

Toy Story" merchandise will be available at approximately 2,000 post offices and post office online stores nationwide from July 13. Sales at post office online stores will begin at 0:15 a.m. on the same day.

Post Office "Toy Story" goods

Goods featuring characters from "Toy Story" will be available along with the greeting stamps issued by Japan Post. There are three items: two types of letter sets that can be used with the stamps, and a stationery pouch that can hold the stamps and letter set together.

Letter sets

This convenient postcard-sized letter set allows you to put letterheads into envelopes without folding them. Letter Set A features a toy-like pop color, while Letter Set B is designed with a deep navy blue base reminiscent of outer space. The set includes 8 sheets of letterhead, 4 envelopes, and 4 stickers (with 1 sheet). Each is priced at 560 yen (tax included).

Post Office "Toy Story" Goods "Letter Set A
Letter Set A

Post Office "Toy Story" Goods "Letter Set B
Letter Set B

Stationery Pouch

A vinyl pouch convenient for storing stationery and other items. The transparent front part allows you to conveniently see the contents. The main body measures approximately W230 x H170 mm and is made of PVC. 770 yen (including tax).

Post Office "Toy Story" Goods "Stationery Pouch

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