NAIVE Body soap that comes out in a foam, Sumiko Gurashi

Naive "Body Soap" and "Foaming Hand Soap" Sumikko Gurashi Collaboration Design

Kracie Home Products' "Naive" and "Sumikko Gurashi," a popular healing character among mothers and children, will release "Body Soap" and "Foaming Hand Soap" in a limited quantity on November 11, 2012. Prices are open.

Naive Body Soap (containing peach leaf extract) Sumikko Gurashi

The fourth collaboration design for the popular Sumikko Gurashi body soap recreates a cute world based on the theme of "Fushigi Usagi no Oniwabi (Suspicious rabbit). On the pump of the body soap, the "Rabbit Meister" and the "Minariko Rabbit" who met in the wonderful world of the forest are cutely depicted.

NAIVE BODY SOAP (with peach leaf extract) SUMIKOKOGURASHI

Naive Body Soap Comes Out in Foam: Sumikko Gurashi

The body soap that comes out in bubbles depicts Sumikko and her friends relaxing with the "Rabbit Meister" and "Minariko Rabbit" in the "Fushigi Usagi no Oniwani" in gentle colors.

NAIVE Body soap that comes out in a foam, Sumiko Gurashi

The body soap is 100% plant-based and contains a mix of plant-based amino acid-based cleansing ingredients. It provides a gentle lather and rinses cleanly, leaving the skin smooth and refreshed. Contains skin-soothing ingredients that protect the skin's amino acids and keep it moisturized, and peach leaf extract (a moisturizing ingredient) that leaves skin smooth.

No colorants, mineral oils, silicones, or parabens. Allergy tested (not everyone is allergic). Natural, gentle peach scent.

NAIVE Medicinal Hand Soap in Foam for Vegetables - SUMIKKOGURAS Cat

The design of the foaming hand soap features a shy cat. The design is so cute that you can't help but want to pick it up.

NAIVE Medicinal vegetable hand soap foam SUMIKKOGURAS Cat

The medicated type sterilizes and disinfects. 100% plant-based wash ingredients with peach leaf extract (moisturizing ingredient). Gentle lather washes hands while protecting the moisture of the skin. Generous 500mL (for approximately 500 times/one push (1mL) of hand washing).