BRUNO 2022 Holiday Collection

BRUNO 2022 Holiday Collection

BRUNO has introduced the 2022 Holiday Collection. The Compact Hot Plate, Hot Plate Grande Size, Grilled Sandwich Maker Double, and Multi-Stick Blender in the limited Christmas color night blue will be released on October 26.

BRUNO Christmas Limited Color Night Blue

The Christmas limited edition color Night Blue is a matte, mature, and calm coloring inspired by the clear winter night sky. The items are perfect for enjoying a warm meal on the balcony or in the garden while gazing at the night sky. Includes a Winter recipe card to make recipes with the items.

The lineup is as follows. Prices include tax.

Compact hot plate: 10,450 yen

BRUNO "Compact Hot Plate

Hot plate grande size 18,700 yen

BRUNO "Hot Plate Grande Size

Grilled sandwich maker, double size, 11,550 yen

BRUNO "Grilled Sandwich Maker Double

Multi Stick Blender 7,150 yen

BRUNO "Multi-Stick Blender

Purchasers of the night blue item will receive a "kitchen cloth" that matches the night blue color of the main unit as a limited item. The microfiber material is soft to the touch and highly absorbent, making it very useful around the kitchen.

BRUNO kitchen cloth