Eres "Aroma Mist Frame


Recommended Humidifiers 2022

A variety of humidifiers will be available at LOFT and LOFT net store nationwide for the coming dry season. This year, we have a full lineup of items that can be enjoyed visually, as well as tabletop types that are easy to carry and can be placed anywhere.

E-less "Aroma Mist Flame"

USB connection type tabletop humidifier. The LED light, which looks like a flame from a bonfire, can be switched between orange and blue tones. The price is 3,850 yen (tax included, same as below).

Eres "Aroma Mist Frame

Green House "Ultrasonic Cloud Mist Humidifier"

Rhythmic spray of mist in the shape of a ring. Aroma water compatible. Compatible with USB ports of PCs and mobile batteries, so it can be placed anywhere. The price is 3,280 yen.

Green House "Ultrasonic Cloud Mist Humidifier"

Rhythm "MIST Mini"

Compact size tabletop humidifier. The tank is transparent so that the light inside can be seen through it, making it look like a flickering candle. Aroma oil compatible. Price: 7,980 yen.

Rhythm "MIST Mini

Toyo Case "Coton"

Small humidifier with a hexagonal shape that can be tilted at an angle. Compatible with water-soluble aroma oil and aroma water. Price: 4,070 yen.

Toyo Case "Coton

Wellrich "Vintage Light House"

Tabletop humidifier with a bulb that can be used as a light only. Recommended as a room interior decoration. Price: 3,425 yen.

Wellrich "Vintage Lighthouse"

Life On Products "Cordless Folding Humidifier"

The tank part is made of silicone and folds up to about 6 cm in size for storage. Rechargeable. The price is 3,278 yen.

Lifeon Products "Cordless Folding Humidifier"

Green Flash "Midnight Shop Paper Humidifier"

Paper humidifier with star-shaped perforated holes and foil-printed constellations. Available in navy and black. Priced at 1,320 yen each.

Green Flash "Midnight Sundries Paper Humidifier"

Hozumi Jushi Shoji's "Sekisui ECO Humidifier Uruoi Kotori"

is a vaporizing type humidifier with a gradation of colors that fits in well with interior decor. Also recommended as a gift. Priced at 1,980 yen.

Hozumi Jushi Shoji "Sekisui ECO Humidifier Uruoi Kotori

Decore "Moisture Mascot Cactus"

A cactus made of ceramic absorbs water in a glass bottle to humidify the air. Comes in two colors: gray and brown. Priced at 1,628 yen each.

Decore "Moist Mascot Cactus

Items handled and scale vary by store.