Nitori "Humidification/Human Sensitive Ceramic Heater (KH03 White)"

Nitori "Humidification/Human Sensitive Ceramic Heater (KH03 White)"

Nitori sells the ``Humidifying/Human Sensitive Ceramic Heater (KH03 White)''. The price is 9,990 yen (tax included).

Ceramic heaters are perfect for those who want to warm up quickly, as they blow hot air immediately after starting operation. On the other hand, the air tends to dry out during use, so we recommend using it in conjunction with a humidifier. In order to solve the problems of ``it costs money to buy both'' and ``maintenance is troublesome,'' Nitori is releasing a human-sensitive ceramic heater with a humidifying function for 9,990 yen.

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Adopts a vaporization system that automatically adjusts the amount of humidification when the air in the room is filled with moisture. Prevents excessive humidification. Continuous humidification time is approximately 13 hours in LOW mode. Equipped with a motion sensor, it automatically turns off when someone leaves it while in use, which helps save energy and eliminates the need to worry about forgetting to turn it off. In addition, the power turns off automatically in the event of a fall, making it safer to use.

[Electricity bill per hour *31 yen/kWh conversion] L: 500W approximately 15.5 yen, H: 1,000W approximately 31 yen [Amount of humidification per hour (approximately)] L: 150 mL, H: 250 mL
[Continuous humidification time (approx.)] L: 13 hours, H: 8 hours (when the tank is full)
[Applicable floor area for humidification (estimate)] Wooden Japanese-style room: Approximately 4 tatami/6.2m, Prefabricated Western room: Approximately 7 tatami/10.8m
[Tank capacity (approx.)] 2.2L
[Off timer] 1, 2, 4 hours (3 levels)
[Heat source] PTC heater (*)
[External dimensions (approx.)] Width 330 x depth 143 x height 386.5 mm
[Weight (approx.)] 4kg
[Cord length (approx.)] 1.6m

* PTC (self-temperature control function) is a function that controls abnormal and unnecessary temperature rises.

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