Sock supplements - just like a kotatsu - good-night switch


Power Saving Items

Items to save electricity and stay comfortable are now available at Loft stores nationwide and on the Loft net store. Introducing items that keep you warm while reducing power consumption, functional mugs that maintain a comfortable temperature, and more.

mofua Wearable Blanket High Neck Type

This item combines the warmth of a blanket with the comfort of being able to move around like wearing clothes. 4,400 yen (tax included, same as below). Limited to Loft.

mofua Wearable Blanket High Neck Type

Sock Supplement: Socks

that are recommended for sleeping. The soles of the feet, which tend to feel cold, are securely covered, while the open toe design allows moderate heat to dissipate, preventing heat and sweat from accumulating in the toes. 3,501 yen.

Sock supplements - just like a kotatsu - good-night switch

Muffle Cover Socks

Wear these quickly over socks and the boa fabric will wrap your feet warmly, allowing you to stay on tatami mats and carpets without taking them off. The non-slip rubber print makes them hard to slip on and off, and they have the features of both socks and slippers. Washable and hygienic. 990 yen.

Muffle Cover Socks

Nestco Heatable Thermo Mug 400ml (13.53us fl oz)

The scale on the inside is convenient for making soup and other dishes. The inner cup can be reheated in the microwave even when cold. 2,351 yen.

Nestco Heatable Thermo Mug 400ml

Nekotongue Mug 260ml (8.79us fl oz)

This mug is designed for people with cat tongues. The heat-absorbing material quickly lowers the temperature and keeps it at around 70°C. 3,278 yen.

Nekotsu Senka Mug 260ml

Moo Moo Stainless Thermo Mug 350ml (11.83us fl oz)

Thermo mug with cute animal faces. The sliding cap prevents dust and debris from getting in. 1,980 yen.

Moom Stenless Thermo Mug 350ml

Nature Future Ginger Soup

Warms the body with ingredients such as Kochi ginger, Hana-Mi chicken, and white onions, and a thick soup. 152 yen. Available only at select stores.

Nature Future Ginger Soup


Humidifier A natural vaporizing humidifier that is used by filling a cup with water. 1,980 yen.

Loft "Fuchinemu Humidifier

Microfiber Hair Dry T

owel The highly absorbent material absorbs moisture from your hair, shortening the time you spend using your hair dryer. Size to fit even long hair. 1,100 yen.

Microfiber Hair Dry Towel

The period and scale of the rollout may vary depending on the store.