Post Office Internet Shop "Postmolker" Original Goods

Original "Post M

orker" goods at the Post Office online store Original "Post Morker" goods from the TV animation "PUI PUI Morker" will go on sale at the Post Office online store on December 1 (Thursday) at 0:15. Sales will be limited and will end as soon as they are gone.

PUI PUI Morker Fluffy Fluffy Udemakura Post Morker

"Post Morker" appears in the Fluffy Fluffy Udemakura series. It has a soft and fluffy touch. It can be used as an armrest when working on a PC on a desk.

PUI PUI Morkar Fluffy Fluffy ★ Udemakura Post Morkar

Price: 2,420 yen (including tax)
Body size (max. approx.): length 100 x width 170 x depth 160 mm

PUI PUI MOLKAR Otegami Clear Pouch

A pouch with a transparent front to show what you put inside. Two pockets inside make it easy to organize small items.

PUI PUI MOLKER Otegami Clear Pouch

Price: 1,760 yen (tax included)
Body size (maximum approx.): 127 (length) x 213 (width) x 65 cm (gusset)

PUI PUI MOLKAR Mini Clear Case

The case has a carabiner so it can be attached anywhere you like. You can carry around small personal items in it.

PUI PUI MOLKER Mini Clear Case

Price: 880 yen (tax included)
Body size (maximum approx.): H95 x W75 x D15 mm

PUI PUI MOLKER Geravabaru Fusen Stand Post MOLKER

A geravaru fusen stand in which the backing paper becomes a stand. There are four different patterns of labels inside. Each size has a different pattern. Some patterns include Potato, Silomo, Choco, Teddy, and Abby.

PUI PUI MOLKER gialliable label stand Post MOLKER

Price: 660 yen (tax included)
Body size (max. approx.): 115 mm (H) x 80 mm (W)


45 mm wide tape that can be used to decorate small items around you or for packing. Use scissors to cut it out.

PUI PUI Molker Packing Tape

Price: 660 yen (tax included)
Body size (max. approx.): 45 mm long x 4 m


PUI Molker Die-cut Sticker Mini Post Molker

Stickers that you can stick anywhere you like and enjoy. The compact size allows you to use it between smartphone cases.

PUI PUI MOLKER die-cut sticker mini post molker

Price: 330 yen (including tax)
Body size (max. approx.): 67 mm (length) x 53 mm (width)

Sold by: Ensky Inc.