diabote HIMAWARI Moomin design products


HIMAWARI Moomin Design Products

Kracie Home Products' diabeaute HIMAWARI will release limited-edition products featuring the popular character "Moomin" on Monday, March 27. Two types of out-bath treatment "Premium Treatment Oil" and mini-size "Treatment Repair Milk" are now available in Moomin design.

Each of the three diabeauté out-bath hair care series is designed with a different Moomin character. The Moomin characters make hair care a fun time. Perfect as a cosmetic to take with you.

Premium Treatment Oil (Moist):

A thick hair oil that quickly holds moisture and keeps hair manageable, thanks to the Moist Plus formula that is easy to penetrate. Comfortable and elegant floral fragrance with a warm and clear feeling of sunshine.

diabote HIMAWARI Moomin design products

Premium treatment oil (silky smooth):

Speed-dry smooth formula that dries hair smoothly without stickiness. Keeps hair silky and easy to run your fingers through to the ends. Shiny floral fragrance with a light and translucent shine.

diabote HIMAWARI Moomin design products

Treatment Repair Milk

: Thick milk that easily absorbs into hair and keeps hair moisturized and supple for a long time, right down to the ends. Comfortable elegant floral fragrance with sunny warmth and transparency.

diabote HIMAWARI Moomin design products

Available at drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. Capacity: 30 ml each, open price.