Kneipp Refresh Spray


Refresh Spray Kneipp will release Kneipp Refresh Spray, a refreshing mist to refresh your mood, on Wednesday, April 19. 150 mL, 880 yen (tax included).

Refresh Sp

ray The popular "Kneipp Refresh Spray," an item for easy refreshment, will be available again this year in limited quantities, and since its launch in 2020, it has been a favorite item of many fans for its ability to make the summer season more comfortable every year.

Kneipp Refresh Spray

This spray refreshes your mood with a refreshing mist containing arnica and menthol. The soothing scent of Siberian fir and pine with a hint of menthol's coolness. It is also recommended for use after sports, as a cool-down treatment during the sweaty season, or as a massage before bed. For use on the body, including the neck, shoulders, and lower back (not for use on the face).

Image of Kneipp Refresh Spray in use

The arnica used in Kneipp Refresh Spray is an herb that is in danger due to climate change and environmental changes in the meadows and agricultural lands where it used to live. In 2018, Kneipp launched a project to cultivate and harvest arnica on its own, and harvests arnica grown there for use in its products.

Arnica used in Kneipp Refresh Spray

Skin compatibility tests were conducted at the German University Hospital (not everyone is allergic to arnica). Free of mineral oil, parabens, silicones, and colorants. Vegan formula.