INTO U Water Reflecting Lip Tint" 3 new colors

INTO U Water Reflecting

Lip Tint

Three new colors, bittersweet sangria, romance fuzzy navel, and royal rose tea, will be available from the INTO U Water Reflecting Lip Tint line. The release date is June 15. The release date is June 15, 2010, and online sales are limited. Each is priced at 1,430 yen (tax included).


U INTO U is a popular lip brand that has become a hot topic with its mud lip and has sold over 20 million units in Asia. The new series "INTO U Water Reflecting Lip Tint" launched by INTO U in April 2022 is a popular lip tint with excellent color retention and a luster that does not change over time.

This time, three new colors will be released, including "Queen Rose Tea," a very popular mud lip color, carefully selected to blend in with Japanese skin and make it shine brighter.

R07 Bittersweet Sangria

A charming blue-red color that will make you feel a rush of excitement. A deep red color inspired by sangria, an adult flavor that makes you feel drunk just by looking at it. Recommended for cool-toned people.

INTO U Water Reflecting Lip Tint R07 Bittersweet Sangria

R08 Romance Fuzzy Navel

An orange-red filled with a bursting charm. This color is inspired by the sweet and sour fruit cocktail of "Fuzzy Navel" and has both open brightness and mature depth. Recommended for warm-toned people.

INTO U Water Reflecting Lip Tint R08 Romance Fuzzy Navel

R09 Royal Rose Tea

A dull rose pink that attracts with its moist charm. An attractive color that overflows with understated color. Recommended for neutral tones.

INTO U Water Reflecting Lip Tint R09 Royal Rose Tea

The more time passes, the stronger the light flash rate becomes, achieving a high level of color and beautiful makeup that remains unchanged over time. The fit texture creates natural and soft lips.

The lip tint's silky smooth application and glossy texture adheres firmly to the lips, can be easily extended in a single coat, is easy to tint, and offers excellent color.