From "miffy room -Life with Miffy-" lement
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Re-Ment miffy

room -Life with


Re-Ment will sell a miniature figure "miffy room -Life with Miffy-". The scheduled release date is July 29. The price is 990 yen (tax included). Each box will contain a figure and a mini sheet.

Re-MENT miffy room


with Miffy "Re-MENT miffy room -Life with Miffy" is a petit sample of a miffy lover's room, featuring miffy motif furniture and miscellaneous goods as miniature figures. There are 8 kinds in total, and the lineup is as follows

1 Breakfast with special care
2 Getting ready to go out
3 Relaxing in your room
4 Tea time with homemade cookies
5 Mellow knitting
6 Your favorite interior
7 Writing your diary...
8 It's time for bed

Postcards are replaceable. You can also make a diorama of your room with the box-buying privilege. Why don't you recreate a room full of Miffy items?

The actual product may differ slightly from the photo.