Kyaranix Kyaratimer Kirby of the Stars


Kyaratimer H

oshi no Kirby "Kyaratimer Hoshi no Kirby" will be sold from "Kyaranix" brand. Pre-orders are now being accepted. The price is 3,500 yen (tax included, shipping and handling not included).


: Kirby the Star" is a convenient timer that can be used in various situations such as cooking and time management, etc. It includes three BGM tracks, one of which you can listen to while the timer is counting down. The songs are "Clash! Included songs are "Gourmet Race," "Invincible," "Gourmet Race," and "Invincible! Gourmet Race," "Invincible," and "Green Greens.

Kyaranix Kyaratimer Kirby of the Stars

The alarm sound that signals the time is "Clear Dance," the BGM of the game, making the product more enjoyable in various situations. It is also convenient as a study timer, as it is possible to set the timer to no music during the countdown.

A magnet and stand are designed into the back of the timer, allowing it to be used in different places and for different purposes.

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