Bifesta "Lip Scrub Balm" and "Lip Serum Pack


Lip Scrub Balm Lip Serum Pack

The skincare brand "Bifesta" will launch a "Lip Care Series" to create beautiful, smooth lips. Bifesta Lip Scrub Balm and Bifesta Lip Serum Pack. They will be available at Matsumotokiyoshi Group and Cocokara Fine Group stores, as well as at both groups' online stores. The release date is August 28.


Lip Scrub Bal

m is a rinse-off balm containing sugar scrub exfoliating softening ingredients. It gently removes keratin, dullness, and makeup residue from the lips, leaving them clean and smooth. Contains 5 natural moisturizing ingredients (orange oil, macadamia nut oil, shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil) to protect moisture. Preservative-free, alcohol-free (no ethanol added), synthetic fragrance-free, and colorant-free. Priced at 1,100 yen (tax included, same as below).

Bifesta Lip Serum Pack

is a concentrated pack containing three types of beauty moisturizing ingredients (squalane, orange oil, vitamin E). It covers vertical wrinkles and leads to plump lips. It adheres perfectly to the lips and keeps them moisturized all night long. It can be used not only as a nighttime pack, but also for daytime care. Paraben-free, alcohol-free (no ethanol added), synthetic fragrance-free. Price: 1,320 yen.