Premium Lururun Kinmokusei (fragrance of Kinmokusei)



Lulurun Kinmokusei

Fragrance" Face mask brand "Lulurun" will launch "Premium Lulurun Kinmokusei Fragrance" in limited quantities, available for pre-sale at PLAZA and MINiPLA from August 4 and at the official Lulurun online store from September 19. and other stores from September 19.

Premium Lulurun Kinmokusei Fra

Premium Lururun Kinmokusei (fragrance of Kinmokusei)

This limited-edition product is a face mask packed with the fragrance of sweet fragrance of Kinmokusei, which reminds us of the coming of autumn, and the blessings of autumn. Extracts from the flowers of Kinmokusei, which have been popular around the world since ancient times, moisturize autumn skin while preventing rough skin and making it more vibrant.

It also contains extracts of marumelo (Chinese quince), which has strong water retention properties to survive in desert areas and bears fruits in autumn. These naturally derived moisturizing ingredients provide fresh moisture to the skin.

It also contains glyceryl glucoside, a moisturizing ingredient found in myrotamnus, a "tree of resurrection" that brings greenery back to the Namib Desert in Africa when it rains a little. It regulates the circulation of moisture and helps support the fluctuating skin of autumn.

Three bags of 7 sheets each, priced at 1,320 yen (tax included).