Kiss "Lip Arrow"

Kiss "Lip



KiSS introduces a new lip "Lip Arrow" following Lip Armor. A total of six colors will be available for pre-sale on September 1, and will go on sale nationwide on September 22. The estimated price is 1,980 yen each (tax included).


Arrow "Lip Arrow" is an "ultra-fine lip" that can be easily drawn to the corners of the mouth. The corners of the mouth and the curves of the contours can be easily detailed, giving the lips a natural, positive impression.

Kiss "Lip Arrow"

The balm melts at body temperature the moment it is applied. Even with a fine core, it is not stiff and provides a rich, rich texture that envelops the lips and then fits snugly into place.

The newly adopted rare glow formula is a perfect balance of conflicting textures of matte powder and high luminosity oil. The formula gives lips an elegant sensuality, with both a firmness and a fresh luster, just like "beautiful lips from the start".

The surface is non-sticky and the high fit prevents smudging, while the beautiful color lasts for a long time. Contains argan oil, shea butter, and ceramide (all moisturizing ingredients). Keeps lips moist.

A total of six sophisticated, nuanced colors to suit the wearer. The lineup is as follows

01 Tamayura Beige: A mellow beige that gives a nude blood color
02 Jupiter Brick: A slightly fiery, not too strong brick
03 Soyoyo Ghost: A grayish, dusky pink beige
04 Risk Taker: A deep, blush brown
05 Archer Queen: A deep, warm, and Elegant red
06 Aimed at Peony: Urban red that is not too dark with a soft white tint

Kiss "Lip Arrow"