RAIGHT IRON PRO A straightening iron "ReFa STRAIGHT IRON PRO" will be released by beauty brand ReFa on October 18. The product will be sold at beauty salons and esthetic salons nationwide.

ReFa STRAIGHT IRON PRO" is a straightening iron that uses technology to reproduce professional techniques. The result is soft, moist hair that looks as if it has just returned from the salon. The surface of the hair is dry, but the moisture is packed into the hair to create a rare texture.


The secret is a technology that reproduces the technique of professionals who skillfully control the heat emitted from the straightening iron and the amount of moisture in the hair with their senses. The uniquely developed carbon layer plate that evenly distributes heat minimizes damage caused by water, heat, and pressure to achieve the "rare hair straightening" of professionals. The pinching force has also been increased, making it easier to achieve high-quality, ideal straightening.

The size is approximately 266 x 29 x 32 mm, and the weight is approximately 325 g (including the power cord). Plate temperatures are 140°C/160°C/180°C/200°C/220°C. Available in two colors: white and black. Priced at 23,000 yen each (tax included).

Effectiveness will vary depending on usage environment and hair quality.