October 2023 Branded Mook Book Magazine Supplement Summary
(All images taken from the official website)

October 2023


Mook Book Magazine Supplement Summary

Here is a summary of Takarajimasya's "Brand Mook Books" to be released in October 2023. A number of cute items such as "HERSHEY'S Cosmetic Palette BOOK" and "Hoshi no Kirby Room Light BOOK NIKKORI ver." will appear one after another!

On Sale October 3

MILKFED. Vacuum Insulated Tumbler BOOK PINK/BLACK/BLUE

You can put your favorite photos or decorated mounts! Here comes a "vacuum-insulated tumbler" that you can customize exclusively for your favorite guesses. Available in three colors: PINK, BLACK, and BLUE. Size (approx.): 17.3 cm (height) x 8.8 cm (mouth diameter) (including lid). 350 mL capacity. Sold at Lawson, HMV, and HMV&BOOKS online.

Release date: October 3
Price: 3,025 yen (tax included)

MILKFED. guess life goes on! Vacuum Insulated Tumbler BOOK PINK/BLACK/BLUE

Release date: October 5



Ihei Shoten

Panda Pattern Gamaguchi Smart Phone Shoulder Bag BOOK

From Eirakuya Hosotsuji Ihei Shoten, a long-established cotton cloth merchant in Kyoto popular for its tenugui hand towels, comes a stylish and convenient Gamaguchi smartphone shoulder bag. The popular "Korokoro Panda" pattern is a cute item. Size (approx.) W12 x H18.5 x D2 cm. 130 cm (longest) shoulder strap length.

Release date: October 5
Price: 2,728 yen (tax included)

Eirakuya Hosotsuji Ihei Shoten Panda Pattern Gama-guchi Smart Phone Shoulder BAG BOOK

kippis 2-layered wallet and smartphone shoulder integrated bag BOOK

From the Scandinavian-designed lifestyle brand kippis comes a bag that combines a wallet and smartphone shoulder. 2-layered, the wallet side can hold bills without folding it over and has card and coin pockets. The smartphone shoulder side also has a free pocket with a zipper, making it good for storing earphones, lips, keys, candy, and other small items in addition to your smartphone. Size (approx.) W19 x H10 x D4.5 cm.

Release date: October 5
Price: 2,970 yen (tax included)

kippis 2-layered wallet & phone shoulder integrated bag BOOK

UNTITLED Quilted Shoulder Bag BOOK

A shoulder bag from "UNTITLED" that can be worn by sophisticated adults. The bag is made of quilted synthetic leather, which was well-received in the second collection, and is finished with luxurious gold hardware and black fabric.

The bag has a cute colon shape and is sized to hold a 500mL PET bottle, making it perfect for daily use. It also comes with four pockets to keep you organized: one front pocket with a magnet, perfect for quickly retrieving items, and three inside pockets in the main compartment. Size (approx.) W22 x H16 x D8 cm. 128 cm (maximum) shoulder strap length.

Release date: October 5
Price: ¥2,992 (tax included)

UNTITLED Quilted shoulder bag BOOK

moz Multifunctional Boston Bag BOOK

From the very popular Scandinavian brand "moz," which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, comes a generous-sized, multifunctional Boston bag. The cute elk logo tag is on the front. The design is unisex and can be used by both men and women regardless of the occasion. Size (approx.): 57 cm (width) X 36 cm (height) X 18 cm (gusset); shoulder strap length 130 cm (longest). Available through Seven Net Shopping and Seven-Eleven.

Release date: October 5
Price: 2,959 yen (tax included)

moz Multifunctional Boston Bag BOOK

Release date: October 10

MOOMIN Wooden Warmth Coffee Mill BOOK

A stylish, antique-style Moomin-designed coffee mill that allows you to enjoy hand-ground, authentic coffee. The warm design has Little Mii, Moomin & Snufkin, and Gnoronoro engraved on the wood grain. It is very easy to use, just set the coffee beans and turn the handle. The three grindings (fine, medium, and coarse) can be adjusted so you can enjoy coffee to your liking. Size (approx.) 19 cm high x 9.5 cm wide x 9.5 cm deep.

Release date: October 10
Price: 3,993 yen (tax included)

MOOMIN Wooden Warmth Coffee Mill BOOK

Release date:

October 11

Hoshi no Kirby Room Light BOOK NIKKORI ver.

Hoshi no Kirby Room Light NIKKORI ver. is now available. The chic coloring is a key point. The light is made of PVC material with a soft hand and uses LED light source that does not get hot. The light is adjustable in three levels. Size (approx.): 8.8 cm (height) x 11.5 cm (width) x 14.8 cm (depth) (maximum).

Release date: October 11
Price: 2,948 yen (tax included)

Kirby Room Light BOOK (smiling ver.)

Release date: October 19


a-jolie is a brand popular among adult women for its bold designs. The new "quilting bag," which has been very popular every year, is now available. The item can be transformed by fastening the hooks on both ends. The embroidery of Ajolie's icon "Pearl Sunglasses-chan" is a key point. Size (approx.): 24.5 cm (H) x 45 cm (W) x 10 cm (D); 110 cm (maximum length of shoulder strap).

Release date: October 19
Price: 2,629 yen (tax included)


Release date: October 20


The first official fan book by the game-playing group "Dozurusha. The limited items in this book are a pouch printed with newly drawn art and a luxurious set of 5 charms and stickers! The pouch is transparent on one side, making it perfect for carrying around your favorite goods.

Release date: October 20
Price: 2,970 yen (tax included)



The magazine will introduce a wide range of chocolate sweets from Hershey's chocolates to ice cream and cookies. A special item exclusive to this magazine is a 12-color eyeshadow palette that looks just like a Hershey's chocolate bar! This chocolate-inspired brown palette was created under the supervision of hair and makeup artist Sayoko Yoshizaki.

There are three different textures (matte, glitter, and satin), and the magazine introduces four makeup styles using three colors and three styles using four colors. The magazine also features Nako Yabuki. This palette can be utilized by both blues and yellows.

Release date: October 20
Price: 2,299 yen (tax included)

HERSHEY'S Cosmetic Palette BOOK