LUNASOL "Lunasol Eye Coloration



unasol Eye Coloration

" New Colors

Two new colors, "21 Melting Nebula" and "EX33 Galaxy Loop," of the four-color eyeshadow "Lunasol Eye Coloration" are available from LUNASOL from September 22. The colors are inspired by the image of the "infinite universe" that spreads out magnificently.

This four-color eyeshadow set expresses the colors and brilliance of nebulae and galaxies dynamically blending together in the endlessly expanding universe. The glossy colors blend together to create a dramatic gaze with infinite depth.

21 Melting Nebula (new color

LUNASOL "Lunasol Eye Coloration" 21 Melting Nebula

Melting Nebula is a cool pink layered with subtle shimmer and shifting colors like a nebula.

EX33 Galaxy Loop (limited edition)

LUNASOL "Lunasol Eye Coloration" EX33 Galaxy Loop

A mode-inspired galaxy loop with reddish blue and silver shining like a galaxy.

Each set contains four colors: "a color that gives a wet shimmer," "a color that blends lightly with color," "a color that dramatically colors with vivid yet transparent colors," and "a color that balances with a glossy depth. The price is 6,820 yen (tax included).