Nitori Deco Home "Wearable Blanket" and "Winter Slippers

Nitori Decohome "Wearable Blankets"

and "Winter Slippers


Wearable blankets and winter slippers for the cold season are now on sale at Nitori Decohome. Wearable blankets are now available in poncho-style and cardigan types. Winter slippers are available in a wide variety of designs, such as a zebra pattern and Amikomi design.

Below is a sampling of some of the featured products.

Wearable Blanket Wearable Blanket (N-Warm Hooded RO KM11 105)

Nitori "Wearable Blanket (N-Warm Hooded RO KM11 105)"

Standard warmth with N-warm. This hooded wearable blanket has a cute, plush-like fluffy feel. Anti-bacterial, deodorant, and antimicrobial treatment. Available in free size, length is approx. 105 cm, and colors are mocha and rose. Priced at 3,490 yen each.

Wearable blanket(N-warm, Shoulder nori shimae naga, KM20 105)

Nitori "Wearable Blanket (N-Warm Shoulder Striped Blanket KM20 105)"

Nitori "Wearable Blanket (N-Warm Shoulder Striped Blanket KM20 105)"

This is a wearable blanket with a cute removable mascot of a striped egret on its shoulder. Anti-bacterial, deodorant, and antimicrobial treatment. The blanket is available in any size, with a length of about 105 cm, and costs 3,990 yen. The product is currently out of stock due to its popularity, and will be available again on Nitori Net around mid-November (delivery will be around mid-December). The product will be available again in stores around mid-December (as of October 18).

Cardigan (N-warm RO KM17)

Nitori "Cardigan (N-Warm RO KM17)

A cardigan-type wearable blanket that can be worn neatly. Anti-bacterial, deodorant, and antimicrobial processing. One size fits all. Available in mocha and rose. Price: ¥2,990 each.

Winter Slippers

Slippers (Amikomi Fur sSDx01 DRO M)

Nitori "Slipper (Amicomifer sSDx01 DRO M)

Popular fur slippers. Warm and cute with a woven design. Approximate size is 23-25 cm, available in dark gray and dark rose. Price: 999 yen each.

Room Shoes (Striped Enaga sRSx02 PU M)

Nitori "Room Shoes (Shimaenaga sRSx02 PU M)

Room shoes with the popular striped egret appliquéd on them. Purple is size M (23-25cm) and gray is size L (25-27cm). Machine washable. Priced at 799 yen each.

N-Warm Room Boots (Knit sRBx02 GY)

N-Warm Room Boots (Knit sRBx02 GY)

Room boots warming up to the feet. N-Warm fabric is used for the inner fabric. Anti-bacterial and deodorant processing (inner fabric). Size M (23-25 cm). Machine washable. Price: ¥1,290.

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