Capsule Toy "Sanrio Characters Pocket Tissue Pouch

Capsule Toy "

Sanrio Characters Pocket Tissue Pouch" New capsule toy "Sanrio Characters Pocket Tissue Pouch" will be available from early November. The price is 400 yen per piece (tax included). Contents are random.



Pocket Tissue Pouches Pocket tissues with designs of your favorite characters, the characters you longed for as a child. The pouch with realistic reproductions of the name columns and the pouch opening are now available as capsule toys. The lineup includes a total of six types. The lineup includes a total of six types of capsule toys featuring Sanrio characters My Melody, Hello Kitty, Pom Pom Pudding, Cinnamoroll, Korokoro Krillin, and Usahana, all with a nostalgic feel. It is recommended to use it to hold pocket tissues as well as small items such as lipsticks.

Total 6 kinds

My Melody
Hello Kitty
Pom Pom Pudding
Korokoro Krillin

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