Suncut "Fragrance UV Spray Cherry Blossom Fragrance

Suncut "Fragrance UV Spray Cherry Bl

ossom Fragrance" Suncut will release "Fragrance UV Spray Cherry Blossom Fragrance" on December 11. The product will go on sale on December 11.

Suncut Fragrance UV Spray (Cherry Blossom Fragrance) is a new product that combines the fragrance effect of cherry blossom fragrance and cherry blossom extract S (moisturizing) with the "Protect UV Spray," which has been popular since its launch for its UV protection effect of SPF50+PA++++, the highest value in Japan, and for its convenience in use on face, body, and hair. This limited-edition sunscreen spray contains cherry blossom leaf extract and an illustration of cherry blossoms.

In addition to its high sunscreen effect, the spray has a skincare effect with hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), peppermint extract (melaleuca leaf extract), squalane (moisturizing), and 10 kinds of plant extracts, as well as an airy touch formula containing baby powder (talc) and a "dry keeping powder" (polymethylsilsesquioxane). Airy touch formulation, and Alleru Guard function to block fine particles such as pollen, dust, dirt, and PM2.5 (not all fine particles are prevented from adhering to the skin).