Cosmetics storage summary

Here are some specific ways to achieve beautiful cosmetic storage.

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1. how to choose storage items

Clear plastic drawers and boxes are ideal for organizing cosmetics by type. Drawer dividers and divider boxes make it easier to organize small items and sample-sized cosmetics. 2.

2) Makeup brush storage

Makeup brushes can be stored in an upright position to prevent damage to the tips. Using brush holders or cases prevents brushes from touching each other and keeps them clean. 3.

3) Storing makeup sponges and puffs

It is important to keep them dry. Use a breathable storage case or mesh bag to keep them dry and clean.

4. organizing makeup accessories

Store accessories (hairpins, ribbons, hair bands, etc.) together in drawers or divider boxes for easy organization.

5. protection from sunlight and moisture

Cosmetics are sensitive to sunlight and moisture, so they should be stored in airtight storage boxes or drawers. Also, choose a storage location that is out of sunlight. 6.

Easy-to-use layout

Cosmetics that are used frequently should be placed within easy reach. It is also convenient to label them so that the contents can be identified at a glance. 7.


organization and cleaning

Periodically organize expired cosmetics and unused items, and dispose of unnecessary items. In addition, storage cases and drawers should be cleaned regularly to keep them clean.

Cosmetics storage is not only important for beauty, but also for smooth preparation for enjoying makeup. Use this method to get a beautifully organized makeup collection.