MUJI Knit Cardigans Popularity
(Image taken from the official website)

MUJI Knit Cardigans Popularity

Check out the top 5 most popular knit cardigans published on MUJI's official website! No. 2 is "High-neck washable sweater with reduced neck prickles" and No. 3 is "Washable wool middle gauge V-neck cardigan".

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No. 5 Washable Knit High-Neck Sweater

Knitted with machine-washable stretchy yarn. It is characterized by a soft touch that does not prickle easily. It is available in a total of six colors, including the basic colors and two subdued colors. The recommended color is a warm off-white. Recommended for a clean look. The price is 3,990 yen (tax included, same as below).

MUJI Washable Knit High Neck Sweater

No. 4 High-neck sweater with wool-yak blend nep yarn

The warm hair of yaks grown in the cold highlands is added to this sweater. The colorful neps of the yarn are a distinctive feature. The surface has a mixed color tone, and is available in three colors: basic charcoal gray and oatmeal, and pink, which is easy to match with a calm tone. The price is 6,990 yen.

MUJI wool yak blend nep yarn high neck sweater

No. 3 Washable wool mid-gauge V-neck cardigan

made of softly knitted merino wool. Easy to care for at home. Price: 4,990 yen.

MUJI No.3 Washable Wool Middle Gauge V-Neck Cardigan


2 High-neck washable sweater

with a low neck tickle To reduce neck tickling, a cotton blend is used for the collar. It can be easily washed in a washing machine. Price: 1,990 yen.

No. 2 High-neck washable sweater with reduced neck tingling

No. 1 Ribbed turtleneck washable sweater with a ribbed turtleneck

that minimizes neck tingling. Machine washable. Specifications may vary by color and size. Price: 1,990 yen.

MUJI Ribbed turtleneck washable sweater with reduced neck tingling