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Release of the definitive fashion and hair and makeup selection book “Personal Color x Skeletal Diagnosis” Matching Book

From March 6th, the book “Personal Color x Skeletal Diagnosis Matching Book” will be available at bookstores nationwide as the definitive guide to choosing fashion and hair and makeup taught by the industry’s No. 1 colorist who has diagnosed more than 20,000 people. 12 books will be released simultaneously. The price is 1,430 yen including tax.

What is “Personal Color” and “Skeleton Diagnosis”?

"Personal color diagnosis" is a diagnosis that is used as a standard for finding makeup, fashion, and accessories that suit you based on your hair, eyes, skin color, and facial features. ``Skeleton diagnosis'' is a standard diagnosis for finding items that will make your body shape look the most beautiful, based on your body shape, skin type, body shape, and other characteristics.
Many people are aware of these two diagnoses, and they are becoming established as standards when choosing cosmetics and fashion items.

The key point is that it is a 12-book series.

This is the first book I've seen that focuses solely on one type of personal color and bone structure.
Personal color is divided into four types: "Yebe Spring", "Brevet Summer", "Yebe Autumn", and "Brevet Winter", and bone type is classified into three types: "Straight", "Wave", and "Natural", and when combined, there are 12 types in total. Because of this, you can learn more about your type and find the ring that really suits you.

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