To commemorate the registration of Tomioka Thread Mill as a World Heritage Site, "Graceful Makie Composite Writing Instrument Tomioka Thread Mill" will be on sale from Sailor Pen Co., Ltd. on October 17th.

Tomioka Thread Mill was established in 1872. The building from the early Meiji era when it was founded remains almost as it is. In June 2014, "Tomioka Silk Mill and Silk Industry Heritage Group" was officially registered as a World Heritage Site.

"Graceful lacquer work compound writing instrument Tomioka Silk Mill" is a "Graceful lacquer work series" designed by Tomioka Silk Mill and Tomioka City's image character "Otomi-chan". It is a compound writing instrument with a two-color ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil, and four body colors are available: white, red, blue, and black.

The core diameter of a mechanical pencil is 0.5 mm. The color of the ballpoint pen is black and red. The price is 3,780 yen (tax included).