A "contour line" is a line connecting points of the same height on a map. To become a full-fledged "mountain girl", you need to learn how to read these contour lines. However, it is quite difficult for a freshly made "mountain girl" to distinguish between "ridges" and "valleys" from contour lines, for example. It's nothing if you get used to it, but you won't get used to it right away.

"Confluence" is a small wooden tea table. It is made by carving birch plywood. Since the colors of each layer of the combined plate are different, it is characterized by the fact that a "contour line" pattern is created by engraving.

Although it is just a pattern, the contour lines of this table and the basics are properly suppressed. Lines do not intersect or separate in the middle. Where the contour lines are closed in a circle is the summit or valley bottom. You can intuitively understand by touching the table that the narrower the contour lines are, the steeper the slope is, and the wider the contour lines are, the gentler the slope is.

If you use this table, you may naturally learn the basics of how to read contour lines.

Practicality is perfect. There are 6 places to put the tea set and 1 place to put the teapot on the table.

It measures 60x36x40 cm and costs $ 1,700.