The British pottery brand "WEDGWOOD" has released a children's tableware collection "Wild Strawberry Petit".

Perfect for "Strawberry (15) Year" in 2015!
Perfect for "Strawberry (15) Year" in 2015!

Wild Strawberry Petit is a collection developed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the brand's popular pattern "Wild Strawberry". The current wild strawberry pattern is arranged "cute and fresh" like a child.

It has a small size that is just right for children's meals, and the same "fine bone china" as for adults is used. The lineup and price are as follows.

・ Wild Strawberry Petit Mug

L size (right image, 240 ml) 4,500 yen
S size (left image, 200 ml) 4,300 yen

・ Wild Strawberry Petit Ball

Diameter 15.5 cm, 5,000 yen

・ Wild Strawberry Petit Separate Plate

Size 18.5 x 23 cm, 6,000 yen

・ Wild Strawberry Petit Plate

Diameter 17 cm, 4,500 yen

* All listed prices do not include tax