"Bouquet" is necessary for the two people who start dating. So what do the two end up need? After all, isn't it a plant?

"Break Up Bean" was born from such an idea. This is a plant that you send to the other party when you cut out a farewell.

The person who received the "Break Up Bean" puts the soil in the flowerpot included in the package and sows the beans. If you put it in the sun, water it and grow it carefully, the lima beans will germinate in about 5 days and you will see the message from the giver.

The words "It's Over" and "Let's Be Friends" are engraved on the lima beans. If you're a keen person, you'll know right away what the other person wants. If you are a good person to give up, this should be enough for you to withdraw.

You might think it's terrible to leave your thoughts to the beans instead of telling them directly, but that's not the case. Beans remain with the recipient. Beans will heal the sadness of the lover's departure. As a friend.

The package contains flowerpots, garden soil, and lima bean seeds. The target age of the product is 3 years old and over. Isn't that setting wrong? But the instructions say, "It's never too early to learn the pain of parting."

It can be purchased from the US online shopping site ThinkGeek. The price is $ 6.99 (about 840 yen), but a separate shipping fee to Japan of $ 39.44 (about 4,700 yen) is required. Is the price too high? No, if you can break up cleanly with this, it may be unexpectedly cheap.