It's fun to look into someone's bookshelf, isn't it? You can get a glimpse of why the person has become the character he is now. When an unexpected book is placed on the bookshelf of a person who is always talking about a huge amount of things, he suddenly becomes anxious about that person. Because a person is made up of books that he or she has read.

"A person is made up of the books he has read."

"BOOKS BUILD CHILDREN" expresses this in art. It was produced by art director / designer Miharu Matsunaga at the request of the Yokohama City Board of Education.

"BOOKS BUILD CHILDREN" is an art work that expresses the body of a child by stacking 60 to 80 books. The head, neck, torso, and feet are represented by using books of different sizes depending on the part of the body.

It is wonderful to draw men and women differently according to the difference in hairstyle and clothes. It's amazing how much you can express by just stacking books.

The left is probably a girl
The left is probably a girl

This work was made possible because the size of the book is different for books, new books, paperbacks, and magazines. And that fact may actually be art. "BOOKS BUILD CHILDREN" is a wonderful work that makes you realize that.

(The image was reprinted from Matsunaga's website with the permission of the author, Miharu Matsunaga.)