Diverse of mixi group conducted a questionnaire survey for members of the marriage support service "youbride". Clarified the points that are liked / disliked on the first date.

■ What to check on your first date is "clothes" for both men and women
When asked, "What do you care about when you first date?", "Clothing" was ranked first for both men and women. In particular, it can be seen that 83.7% of women care about their clothes. In addition, while many women are concerned about how to communicate, such as men's "speaking style" (73.0%), "wording" (70.2%), and "correspondence to clerk" (69.7%). Men seem to be more concerned about their appearance, such as "body shape" (59.1%) and "appearance" (56.3%).

In addition, it was also found that women are sensitive to odors such as "body odor" (67.4%) and "halitosis" (53.9%).

The reasons for choosing each answer are as follows.

・ Clothing: "Because you can imagine not only the sincerity of the other person, but also the person's personality, sense of money, and life" (20s / female)
"Because I think you can understand the cleanliness, taste, and atmosphere" (30s / female)
・ Speaking style: "Conversation is the most important thing in communication, and the way you speak can make a big difference in your impression.
・ Correspondence to the clerk: "I think that the attitude toward the person who suddenly talks to the clerk when asked about the way or how to deal with the clerk will have a normal personality" (20s / female)
・ Body shape: "Because it is impossible to have a body shape that is far from your taste, no matter how perfect the others are" (20s / male)
・ Body odor: "Because it is difficult to spend a short distance with people who do not have body odor" (30s / female)
"I can't stay with a stinky person" (30s / female)
・ Halitosis: "I can't smell" (30s / female)

■ "Looking from above" is disliked When asked about "topics and contents that the other party does not want to hear", "conversation from above" was ranked first for both men and women. Among women, "negative stories" (55.1%) and "off-color humor" (50.6%) are ranked higher than men.

For men, "silence" (43.7%) ranked high. It turns out that many men are reluctant to break the conversation. It was also revealed that men are more likely to be reluctant to hear about "past romance."

The reasons for choosing each answer are as follows.

・ Conversation from the top: "Because I think that I am the best and everyone else is stupid is the way I speak" (30s / female)
・ Off-color humor: "The impression of the other person gets worse, and I wonder if that is the purpose" (20s / female)
・ Mute: "I'm tired. I feel like I don't feel like it, and I feel down" (30s / male)
"I feel like I'm losing interest because of a different image when I meet" (20s / male)
・ Past romance: "I hate being compared" (20s / male)

■ "Cafe" is popular for the first date-because it can be completed in a short time even if the personality does not match?
When asked, "Which place would you like to meet for the first time?", "Cafe" was the number one choice for both men and women. In addition, men tend to rank higher in "parks" and "aquariums" than women. On the other hand, women tend to want to know the other person by having a conversation with "meal (Italian)", "meal (Japanese food)" and "meal (French)" while sitting and eating.

The reasons for choosing each answer are as follows.

・ Cafe: "If it doesn't fit, it will be rounded up in a short time, and if it fits, it's easy to suggest going to the next one" (30s / female)
"First of all, I want to talk slowly without drinking alcohol" (30s / female)
・ Meals (Italian): "Because it's not too hard, it's not clever, and there are many dishes to share, so you can see meal etiquette" (30s / female)
・ Meals (Japanese food): "Because you can check how to hold chopsticks and know the good and bad of table manners first" (20s / female)
・ Aquarium: "Because I don't have a problem with the topic" (40s / male)

■ "Good!" Episode on the first date
When you actually made the first date, if you fill in the "Very good" episode in a free answer format, both men and women will feel "cleanliness that does not make the other party uncomfortable" It became clear that "conversations and actions that care about the other person" are the points that give a good impression. Also, it seems that men who pull men like men are popular with women.

The "very good first date episode" is as follows.

・ "It feels very good to say hello with a big smile when you meet. Also, it would be fun if you could keep talking about positive topics during meals. The above two points apply to all those who have been dating in the past. "(20s / female)
・ "I felt that the person who took me to a fashionable cafe and took care of me in a natural way was mature and amazing. I was impressed by the good smell of soap from his clothes. I'm left "(30s / female)
・ "At the restaurant I went to eat, I was able to deal with the clerk well, and when I saw him talking with the clerk, I got an impression of the other person" (20s / female)
・ "At the cafe before meals, when you bring a drink to your seat or throw away the trash on your way home, bring all the cups and trash, and if I try to bring it, it's okay! I'll do it!" It was Ladies First. [[ Omitted ]] I was happy to make a concrete appointment to meet next time when I returned. "(20s / female)

■ The worst episode of the first date
When I actually made the first date, I also investigated the "worst" episode. There were many episodes in which "lack of cleanliness", "attitude not thinking about oneself", and "bad manners" were disliked.

The worst episode of the first date is as follows.

・ "In many cases, the appearance was unacceptable, such as poor posture and stretched nails. There was no excitement in the story, there were many silences, etc., and there was no masculinity in front of women" (20s / female)
・ "Anyway, he doesn't speak. Even if I shake the topic from here, I just answered, and the story did not spread. It was just a pain in the interview state" (30s / male)
・ "I went to dinner with a friend's introduction, and after that, I was worried about the chewing sound when I was eating, and that was also a good year, so I pulled it a little" (20s / male)
・ "I was a tall and fashionable person, but I was chewing gum and had a fluffy bad breath. Even though I met him for the first time, he had a lot of body touches and was familiar with me. /woman)

The survey was conducted in the form of an internet survey from October 23 to 28, 2015. The survey targets 425 unmarried men and women in their 20s and 50s who are youbride members. The breakdown was 247 men and 178 women.