J & D's Foods, which sells bacon and related products in Seattle, USA, released bacon-smelling men's briefs and women's shorts on November 25th. A new generation of underwear that brings the sizzle of bacon to the crotch of mankind.

According to the company, there are statistics that 45% of Canadians prefer bacon to Mayclub. But if you wear bacon underwear from J & D's Foods, this statistic is meaningless. The line between bacon and make-up for breakfast is blurred, allowing you to satisfy your appetite and libido at the same time.

J & D's Foods has adopted a special technology to embed the scent of bacon in ink when developing underwear. As a result, the scent of bacon can be sustained for up to 6 months.

Be aware that bacon underwear can irritate odor-sensitive animals. J & D's Foods warns that households with large dogs with sharp teeth should not sing while wearing bacon underwear. Also, it is not recommended to wear it by postman, zoo keeper, veterinarian, etc. In addition, it is said that entry to places where bears should be careful should be avoided.

The price is $ 19.99 for both men and women. A shipping fee to Japan of $ 10.95 is required for each item. Shipment is scheduled for around December 10. If you apply now, you may be in time for a Christmas present for your lover. The crotch part has a delicious bacon picture and a message of "sniff carefully", which seems to arouse various desires ... It is a design that is not so.