Sodastream's "Beer Bar" that turns water into beer

SodaStream has announced the Beer Bar, which allows you to make beer at home. Turn your home into a small brewery.

"Beer Bar" kit announced by SodaStream
Sodastream's "Beer Bar" where you can make beer at home

Sodastream is a company that sells "soda makers" who can easily make carbonated drinks at home. The company's products save you the trouble of "buying carbonated water in PET bottles, carrying them home, and recycling the PET bottles after drinking."

The "Beer Bar" announced this time is a type that uses a diluted "beer concentrate" named "Blondie". It is a mechanism to make beer by putting "Blondie" in a glass and pouring carbonated water made with Sodastream. It may be easier to understand if you think of it as a beer version of "Calpis Soda". If you keep the prescribed amount, you can make beer with 4.5% alcohol concentration. You can make 3 liters of beer from 1 liter of "Blondie".

How to make beer with "Beer Bar"
How to make beer using "Beer Bar" Rather than making it, dilute it?

I don't know what the taste of beer made (diluted?) Using "Beer Bar" is. However, if you have it at home, it will be convenient when your friends suddenly come. It doesn't take up much space, so it's easy to store, and if you make carbonated water in front of you and turn it into beer, the atmosphere of the place will be lively.

"Beer Bar" convenient for parties
Do you feel better with freshly made (freshly diluted?) Beer? ??

SodaStream will be available in Germany and Switzerland first. It plans to expand into other markets after 2017. The release schedule in Japan has not been announced.

"Beer Bar" gift set
Gift sets are also sold