KOKUYO's donut-shaped sticker "Donut Sticker Stamp" is now available in a limited edition with a summery motif. It will be on sale from June 29th.

KOKUYO "Donut Stamp Sticker"
Summer mode for studying and playing!

This product is a donut-shaped sticker that you can stick by pressing it like a stamp. In addition to reinforcing punch holes, it can also be used for decorations such as notebooks, notebooks, and wrapping.

The lineup to be released this time is 4 series of "fish", "fruit", "ukiwa" and "gradation", 12 patterns in total. The price with a holder is 550 yen, and the refill sticker is 320 yen (both tax excluded).

KOKUYO "Donut Stamp Sticker"
From the left column, fish, fruit, ukiwa, gradation