Pink version of UFO type soap dispenser "U.F.O soap pump"!

" UFO soap pump " is a soap dispenser with a UFO type pump. The bottle is shaped like a "traction beam" that aliens use to suck up people and cows.

The feature of "UFO soap pump" is the design like "traction beam"
Please help me! (By cow)

A pink bottle has appeared in the "UFO soap pump". In addition to the conventional "cow (blue)" and "human (yellow)", "pig (pink)" can now be selected.

Added pink "pig" to "UFO soap pump"
The center is Irada Boo

How to use is the same as a general soap dispenser. If you push the UFO part with a squeak, the detergent will come out of the nozzle. The detergent should be transparent so that people, cows, and pigs in the bottle can easily see it.

How to use soap dispenser "UFO soap pump"
Suko Suko Suko

By the way, when it comes to taking away by aliens, cows or people are the standard. I've never heard of a pig being taken away by an alien. Why did Duncan Shotton, the designer of "UFO soap pump", choose pigs for the new version?

A pink version of the UFO soap dispenser "UFO soap pump"!
Buhi who wants to know the reason

When adding a new color to the "UFO soap pump," Shotton decided that pink was the color that wouldn't look out of place alongside blue and yellow. And when I thought about an animal that looks good on pink, I heard that a pig came to my mind.

A pig who was taken away by an alien at Shotton's taste. I feel a little pitiful.

In addition, like the conventional "cow (blue)" and "human (yellow)" versions, the "pig (pink)" version is made only with the technology of the earth. Shotton claims that no special technology obtained from aliens is used.

"UFO soap pump" usage example
Sometimes adults can't tell the truth ...

So, even if the UFO part of the "UFO soap pump" disappears one day, it's likely that it didn't fly into space, but was washed and forgotten somewhere. Let's look around the washing place.

You can buy it on Duncan Shotton's official website. The price is £ 12.50 and a separate shipping fee of £ 3.95 is required.

"UFO soap pump" product package
This is the package